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Every individual has aspirations to own property either for family, business or organization. People extensively search for a house, office space, co-working spaces, business hubs through a simplified app or web portals. These web-portals and apps help property owners as well as outreach potential buyers. Our highly qualified developer’s team strives for the best quality, unique experience, and engaging web-portals or apps to increase brand awareness, customer acquisition and help end-users get the best property for which they are looking for.

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Top-Notch Service provider in the Real Estate Industry

Our feature-rich online solutions help businesses achieve their end-goals in stipulated time. Furthermore, they can widespread their business across the globe with maximized customer retention rates.

NCode Technologies Core Expertise in Real Estate Industry

Our world-class web/app development solutions are lucrative and engaging for businesses to get a competitive edge over the market. We extensively focus upon its reliability, scalability, and outreach for businesses that brings together property owners, real estate agents, buyers and sellers under one roof.

Property management System

We develop a customized system for businesses to effectively manage property details at one place. This gives them an open hand to focus on other segments of their business. We are delightful to own a strong team of developers that have many years of experience to deliver the best product.

Online Property Portals

One of the most reliable places for the buyers, sellers and everyone else to search for properties is online portals. Here, you get all features from search filters, price comparison, preferred location, amenities provided, property type and its availability. We develop technology-driven portals that have high-performing modules and manage data.

Virtual Tours

Since the evolution of emerging technologies like AR, VR and AI this has been the favourite of all property owners. Using these technologies they can show up the actual design of the property giving a realistic experience for the prospects. Virtual tours are one of the trending segment in Real Estate as most of the property owners are preferring to develop customized virtual tour apps for them.

Mortgage management System

People often opt for a mortgage to purchase a new home. They use the current property as collateral for making a new purchase. This option is often seen as a home loan and widely preferable. But this has been digitally possible to ease the mortgage process. Our custom solutions are highly capable, secure and scalable to help businesses single-handedly manage this system.

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